Window Treatments

Full Service Interior Design

Our detailed unique custom window treatments add softness and cohesiveness to any room. Our 100% custom treatments have endless options to meet all your needs.

Window Treatments Products:

  • Working Drapery Panels
  • Stationary Panels
  • Cornice Boards
  • Valances
  • Motorized Treatments

Window Treatment Design Process:

Complimentary Initial Visit:

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Explore design options
  • Take rough measurements
  • Rough Quote

Acceptance of Agreement:

  • Present Fabric Options or Showroom Visit
  • Present hardware options

Final Selections:

  • Finalize fabric and hardware options
  • Technical Measure
  • 50% deposit of detailed work of project.


  • We have a designated installer that we exclusively work with us.
At Borreson design we approach each full-service design project with a white glove approach. We take the project from concept to completion, while focusing on each minute detail. We create the home that you envisioned.

Initial Home Consultation:

Borreson Designs Home Consultation is an incredibly detailed understanding of how what is expected and how the process will flow together. A general understanding of the space for design services.

Full-service interior design consist of Four phases:

  1. Getting to know you
  2. Conceptual design
  3. Detailed design
  4. Purchasing and Completion

Step 1: Getting to Know You: Your home should reflect a place that you love. We want to get to know you and understand how your daily life functions. We want to know if you love travel or animals or what your hobbies are. An overall visual picture of who you are. It is important to the process to connect with those we are designing for. During this meet and greet process we want to know how you envision the space to function as well as the scope of work, the investment estimate, and we will discuss in detail the process moving forward and design fees.

Step 2: Conceptual Design: This phase is a key element in the process. It is where we consider all elements of your home from location, personal style, architectural detail, as well as any elements you do not want to change. This gives us a general visual of how the space or spaces flow. During this phase we confirm the general overall direction of the project, layout and fine tune fees involved. We confirm the design direction, layout and investment estimate of the project, with one revision offered. The one revision will add time onto this phase depending on the scale of the revision.

Step3: Detailed Design

  • Technical Measurements
  • Floor Plan
  • Inspirational Board (s)
  • Initial Selections
  • Approval of updated investment estimate

During this phase we will confirm all the conceptual elements of the project, with one revision offered. The revision may add time onto this project, depending on the revision.

Step 4: Purchasing and Completion

Purchasing and Implementation Phase:
  • Placing orders and assessing delivery times
  • Clarify and communicate estimated delivery times
  • Manage open orders by efficiently tracking goods
  • Prepare the construction and installation timeline

  • Oversee the construction and installation timeline
  • Coordinate project logistics with contractors and vendors
  • Provide site checks for project accuracy

  • Coordinate deliveries and installation
  • One site presence during deliveries and installation, where applicable